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SAS Metadata server Connection

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SAS Metadata server Connection



I am a newbee to SAS and willing to learn SAS/IML Studio by connecting to R Language. Can I Use SAS/IML Studio without connecting to a SAS Metadata server. Because I dont want to create a server and install the SAS Server, Is there any other option of connecting to SAS Server without installing it. I just want to Run a simple code where SAS intracts with R Language and gets the output in SAS.

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Re: SAS Metadata server Connection

Not sure exactly what your refer to as a "server" in this context.

To be able to connect to a metadata server, all necessary products/components that are required to launch a metadata server, must be installed and configured. 


If I understand the documentation correctly, metdata is required. Without it, you need to do IML programming yourself.

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Re: SAS Metadata server Connection

While I don't use SAS/IML Studio, I understand that it will work with a local SAS Server, that is, Foundation SAS with IMLPlus licensed on the same PC as SAS/IML Studio. No metadata server would be required in this case.


It's only when you want to work with the remote SAS server that a metadata server would also be needed.

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Re: SAS Metadata server Connection

SAS/IML Studio must be combined with the same machine of SAS, It doesn't matter if it is a server or a local pc sas . Therefore, that should be OK, if your PC have installed standalone SAS .

More information about SAS and R communication , Check (search IML and R in the following Blog)

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Re: SAS Metadata server Connection

To clarify these responses:

1) SAS/IML Studio is a client program that always runs on a Windows PC.

2) It can connect to a SAS session that is on a different machine (called a remote workshpace server) or it can connect to a version of SAS that runs on the same Windows PC.  It sounds like you want to connect to the Windows PC version of SAS. Therefore you do not need to worry about a metadata server.

3) Since you are running SAS on the Windows PC, install R on the same PC.

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