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SAS/IML Studio Language Features

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SAS/IML Studio Language Features

SAS/IML Studio is an interface to IML for Windows operating systems. It is shipped with SAS/IML, and requires a SAS/Stat license to run. The product has either been shipping or available as a download for some time. It started out as IML Workshop before evolving into Stat Studio for SAS 9.2. With the new release this summer it will be known as SAS/IML Studio to emphasize its connection to the SAS/IML product. It implements the IMLPlus language, which is an extension of the traditional SAS/IML language.

There are many new and useful features in IMLPlus, including the ability to use Java classes and data types, the ability to link C and FORTRAN functions in external dlls, a new set of high level and exploratory graphics routines, and the ability to submit SAS code from within an IMLPlus program. This last feature is very useful. Under program control you can submit SAS code to run procs or data steps, and then retrieve and use the results in your IMLPlus program, without leaving and having to restart the IML session.

The new SAS/IML Studio release this summer will also allow you to submit and run R code, and pass input and output data between IML and R. This will allow you to take advantage of the strengths of both products.

Here are a couple of papers that give more detail on some of the programming features of IMLPlus and examples of their use.

We will continue to improve and evolve both SAS/IML and SAS/IML Studio in response to the feedback we receive from you. Good luck and let us hear from you!
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