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Markov Chain Transition Probabilities Macro

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Markov Chain Transition Probabilities Macro

Can you help me with the following problem?


I wish to construct a Markov Transition Matrix [ within Credit Risk Roll Rate Analysis ]


Basically the idea is to use empirical customer payment data to estimate the probability of a customer changing

their delinquency state within a unit of time (a month) and to embed this information in a Markov Transition Matrix.


I am looking for a SAS Macro or Program that will enable me to construct the Transition Matrix from the monthly

customer behavioural / payment data.


Possible delinquency states are as follows:


S1:  Performing [ 0 to 5 Days in Arrears ]

S2:  Early Stage Delinquency [ 5 to 30 Days in Arrears ]

S3:  Early Stage Delinquency [ 31 to 59 Days in Arrears ]

S4:  Late Stage Delinquency  [ 60 to 89 Days in Arrears ]

S5:  In Default [ Greater than 89 Days in Arrears ]

S6: Termination of Contract: [ Absorbing State  ? ]

S7: Foreclosure / Repossession [ Absorbing State  ? ]


I would appreciate any suggestions or advice that you are able to provide.



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Re: Markov Chain Transition Probabilities Macro

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Just to be clear, your goal is to estimate the transition probabilities from data?

Please post example data that shows the structure of your data.

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Re: Markov Chain Transition Probabilities Macro

Thank you for responding to my e-mail

I will construct a sample data set as well as the desired output
after I have sanitised the data set.

I really appreciate your help.


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