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IML studio server execution failed

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IML studio server execution failed

Hello, I am not sure this is the right forum.

I would like to perform analysis with iml studio but I am incurring in a My sas server execution failure.

It seems that IML studio cannot connect to the sas on my pc.

any advice to find a solution is very welcome!

thank you very much in advance


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Re: IML studio server execution failed

This is the correct forum, but we need more information:

1. Can you launch  PC SAS from the desktop?

2. What is the exact error message you are getting?Where does it appear? In a dialog box? In the SAS log?

3. Can you load data from the PC? For example, from IML Studio File->Open->File. Click Go to Installation Directory. Click the Data Sets folder. Double-click on any data set.  What do you see?

4. Are you sure you are connected to My SAS Server? Use Tools->Options and click the Server tab. What do you see?

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Re: IML studio server execution failed

thanks for the help.


1. yes I can launch pc sas from the desktop


2. Here is what happens at start up:

it takes a lot of time <starting SAS on "My SAS Server"> and also after this phase.


then it appears a dialog box with the following message:


SAS/IML Studio
The following error(s) occurred when IML Studio attempted to start a SAS server with the logical name "My SAS Server":

Server name: My SAS Server
Error: Server execution failed.




after, Ok, the following appears


SAS/IML Studio
IML Studio was unable to start a SAS server running IMLPlus on system "My SAS Server". You cannot use IML Studio until you start a SAS server running IMLPlus. When you choose the OK button below, the server selection dialog box will appear. Please select an alternate server and then choose the OK button to start the server.


when I push ok, and from the next dialog box I say to access My sas Server form the PC installation IML studio starts.




3. I can load data from pc. I can view the table


4. it is checked my sas server with description "The installation of SAS on this computer"



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Re: IML studio server execution failed

When using a local installation of SAS, the error message "Server execution failed" almost always means that the installation of SAS is corrupted. Please contact SAS Technical Support for further assistance. It is beyond the scope of this forum to diagnose and repair SAS installation problems.

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