Updates available for SAS Business Rules Manager 3.2 : Hot fix A9Y003

A new update is available for SAS Business Rules Manager , version 3.2 :

  • Hot Fix: A9Y003 - Published 13DEC2017 , Download link for A9Y003
  • Component name: SAS Business Rules Manager
  • Related SAS release: 9.4


Issues addressed in A9Y003

SAS Note 60392

Creating rules gives an \"Invalid argument to function ...\" error when code includes certain DS2 functions

SAS Note 60667

Rules with multiple condition-terms in SAS® Business Rules Manager are rejected when imported

SAS Note 60983

SAS® Business Rules Manager stops or slows response when moving rule sets with a very large number of rules

SAS Note 60985

Loading rule sets in SAS® Business Rules Manager takes excessive time

SAS Note 60988

Expanding the Table category in SAS® Decision Manager takes a long time when registered tables contain a large number of columns

SAS Note 61017

When editing rules in SAS® Business Rules Manager, performance is slow

SAS Note 61131

Importing a vocabulary using the %brm_import_vocabulary macro gives \"ERROR: The CSV file contains invalid data ... The data could not be imported\"

SAS Note 61326

The SASBusinessRulesManagerWeb web-application-server context might fail to start when upgrading from SAS® Business Rules Manager 3.1 to 3.2

SAS Note 61444

The %brm_export_rule_flow and %brm_import_rule_flow SAS® Business Rules Manager macros truncate by_term variable names to 32 characters

SAS Note 61445

The SAS® Business Rules Manager %BRM_IMPORT_VOCABULARY macro generates a \"Write access to member ...\" error

This list of notes might be incomplete. For a complete list of issues addressed by this hot fix, visit the hot fix page for A9Y003


Note: A comprehensive list of all SAS hot fixes is available from support.sas.com. You can use the SAS Hot Fix Analysis, Download, and Deployment (SASHFADD) tool to manage your SAS hot fixes.



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