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Updates available for SAS Anti-Money Laundering 5.1_M1 : Hot fix J74004

by Moderator on ‎10-17-2016 06:48 AM

A new update is available for SAS Anti-Money Laundering , version 5.1_M1 :

  • Hot Fix: J74004 - Published 13OCT2016 , Download link for J74004
  • Component name: SAS Anti-Money Laundering
  • Related SAS release: 9.3


Issues addressed in J74004

SAS Note 57947

The Funds Tracker in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering displays an incorrect association of currency symbol with amount

SAS Note 57948

The Funds Tracker node details in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering are not based on the age of data configured for the funds tracker graph

SAS Note 57952

The Funds Tracker in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering sorts transactions by date incorrectly

SAS Note 57953

The Funds Tracker network in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering does not display all links with nodes

SAS Note 59117

Funds Tracker in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering ignores transactions for some accounts

SAS Note 59125

In the SAS® Anti-Money Laundering Funds Tracker, no network is displayed and you receive the error \"Exceeds expansion limit...\"

SAS Note 59126

SAS® Anti-Money Laundering Funds Tracker incorrectly identifies the transaction flow

This list of notes might be incomplete. For a complete list of issues addressed by this hot fix, visit the hot fix page for J74004


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