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Updates available for Data Integration Studio 4.901 : Hot fix W51004

by Moderator on ‎09-12-2017 06:52 AM

A new update is available for Data Integration Studio , version 4.901 :

  • Hot Fix: W51004 - Published 08SEP2017 , Download link for W51004
  • Component name: Data Integration Studio
  • Related SAS release: 9.4


Issues addressed in W51004

SAS Note 57962

The SAS® Data Integration Studio SCD Type 2 Loader transformation generates errors when loading data into an external DBMS

SAS Note 58469

When you import a SAS® Data Integration Studio job containing a Lookup transformation, \"Error: Lookup has no target column mapping information\" occurs

SAS Note 60579

Performing command-line batch deployments in SAS® Data Integration Studio generates code without performance-statistics macros

SAS Note 60595

Connections between work tables and database libraries are incorrectly removed when these objects are included in metadata import processing

SAS Note 60622

Redeploying a job using SAS® Management Console fails with the \"UNKNOWN_ORIGINAL_SOURCE_FILE\" error when the deployed job was defined by importing

This list of notes might be incomplete. For a complete list of issues addressed by this hot fix, visit the hot fix page for W51004


Note: A comprehensive list of all SAS hot fixes is available from You can use the SAS Hot Fix Analysis, Download, and Deployment (SASHFADD) tool to manage your SAS hot fixes.

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