Update available for SAS Viya 3.5

An update is available for SAS Viya 3.5.

Published 31Oct2022

Issue(s) addressed:

SAS Note 67596: The amlcdd_multiTenant_config (or aml_multiTenant_config) post-installation script fails while seed data is loaded

SAS Note 69492: Running the SAS® Anti-Money Laundering "csCore_load_seed_data.sh"/"cscore_load_seed_data.sh" post-configuration script fails with a fatal error

SAS Note 69495: You are unable to save changes to the "TM Prep- Transactions" data object in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering

SAS Note 69501: SAS® Anti-Money Laundering contains a privilege escalation vulnerability

SAS Note 69502: Floating point numeric values loaded into CAS and displayed in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering differ from the actual numeric values loaded in the database

SAS Note 69640: You might encounter the error "Scenario Test Failed" when you run an External party transaction structuring scenario in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering

SAS Note 69641: The Accuity watchlist process provided in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering might no longer work

For a complete list of SAS Viya updates available, visit the SAS Viya Updates Page.



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