Update available for SAS Viya 3.4

A new update is available for SAS Viya 3.4.


Published 29Apr2019


Issue(s) addressed:


SAS Note 63784: Report objects load more slowly in SAS® Report Viewer than they do in SAS® Visual Analytics


SAS Note 63799: Temporary CAS tables created by SAS® Visual Analytics are not automatically unloaded from the SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) server


SAS Note 63896: A "Post Comment" error appears when adding a comment to a report in SAS® Drive


SAS Note 63958: Browser becomes unresponsive when you enable "Check for updates" in SAS® Report Viewer


SAS Note 64000: SAS® Visual Analytics geo maps based on custom polygon providers display "Unable to retrieve region geometries" and "Data type mismatch detected"


SAS Note 64118: SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® displays "numeric field overflow" when registering a custom polygon provider using an Esri ArcGIS feature service


SAS Note 64119: Custom polygon providers in SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® display a triangle or other geometric shapes instead of expected polygons


For a complete list of SAS Viya updates available, visit the SAS Viya Updates Page.



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