Update available for SAS Visual Investigator 10.4

A new update is available for SAS Visual Investigator 10.4.


Published 04Feb2019


Issue(s) addressed:


SAS Note 63182: You cannot see an image on an "Insights" tab in SAS® Visual Investigator when you are not the user who uploaded the image


SAS Note 63329: A security issue occurs when DS2 code in a DATA step applies an admin certificate in order to access Elasticsearch data in SAS® Visual Investigator


SAS Note 63554: A SAS® Visual Investigator session stops responding after the time-out period occurs


SAS Note 63557: Running incremental indexing for relationships might result in the relationship indexes being deleted in SAS® Visual Investigator


SAS Note 63564: A scenario firing event on an entity with an ID that is longer than 36 characters can cause errors in SAS® Visual Investigator


SAS Note 63575: The "Date created" field for a workflow on the "Running Tasks" tab is populated only when you initially load the page in SAS® Visual Investigator


SAS Note 63596: An incremental indexing job with a delete-by-query call fails, and an error in the Elasticsearch log states that there are too many query terms


SAS Note 63597: Searching and retrieving documents in SAS® Visual Investigator occurs more slowly than expected


SAS Note 63598: An incremental indexing job that runs on the link table after it has updated might fail, and you see the error "The links could not be loaded"


SAS Note 63600: The comments, attachments, and relationships count notifications and panels do not update correctly when you switch between open objects


For a complete list of SAS Viya updates available, visit the SAS Viya Updates Page.



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