SAS Visual Investigator 10.7

An update is available for SAS Visual Investigator 10.7.

Published 26Jan2023

Issue(s) addressed:

SAS Note 69677: Scenarios in SAS® Visual Investigator that have multiple aggregation columns might not have correct lookback periods

SAS Note 69695: The server error "An unexpected error occurred" occurs when you work with network diagrams in SAS® Visual Investigator

SAS Note 69776: Text that is pasted into a rich-text control is not saved in SAS® Visual Investigator

SAS Note 69777: Numeric values that have comma-delimited values might not be saved in SAS® Visual Investigator

SAS Note 69778: Comments are not displayed in the order in which they were created in SAS® Visual Investigator

SAS Note 69779: The "Index for search" configuration setting is not saved for fields of child entities in SAS® Visual Investigator

SAS Note 69781: SQL server queries might fail when there are more than 2100 parameters in SAS® Visual Investigator

SAS Note 69786: SAS® Visual Investigator contains a stored cross-site scripting vulnerability

SAS Note 69792: A recent change to Java Development Kit (JDK) 8, which is supplied by Red Hat, is causing Elasticsearch to fail to start

For a complete list of SAS Viya updates available, visit the SAS Viya Updates Page.



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