ALERT Updates available for SAS Size Optimization 3.41 : Hot fix D3R001

A new update is available for SAS Size Optimization , version 3.41 :

  • Hot Fix: D3R001 - Published 04OCT2018 , Download link for D3R001
  • Component name: SAS Size Optimization
  • Related SAS release: 9.4


Issues addressed in D3R001

SAS Note 55330

SAS® Pack Optimization middle-tier log size might be excessive due to recurring message \"No size set specified for product ######...\"

SAS Note 60576

There is no option to select \"Include if selected by the TS component\" for the PS_1 to PS_n REG component in the Configuration Editor

SAS Note 60640

SAS® Size Optimization fails when publishing profiles with \"ERROR: ORACLE prepare error: ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000\"

SAS Note 60724

Deleting projects might take a long time in SAS® Size Optimization

SAS Note 60839

The Imputation Added Sales Units column in the Size Sets table might incorrectly display negative values

SAS Note 60951

Overrides to Profiling Project Properties for Prepare Size Sets and Generate Profiles might not be saved in SAS® Size Profiling

SAS Note 61020

ALERT: Optimization results might be incorrect when using Default Pack Settings with delivery overrides and bulk sizes in SAS® Pack Optimization

SAS Note 61166

ALERT: %TKMI_JOB_RO etl_end_service generates \"ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP\"

SAS Note 61171

%TKMI_JOB_RO etl_end_service generates \"ORA-00001: unique constraint (DI_DM.RPP_PLAN_PROD_METRICS_PK) violated\"

SAS Note 61212

A \"java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded\" exception might occur when you open the Promotion List view

This list of notes might be incomplete. For a complete list of issues addressed by this hot fix, visit the hot fix page for D3R001


Note: A comprehensive list of all SAS hot fixes is available from You can use the SAS Hot Fix Analysis, Download, and Deployment (SASHFADD) tool to manage your SAS hot fixes.



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