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ALERT Updates available for SAS Marketing Automation 6.4 : Hot fix U53010

by Moderator on ‎09-08-2016 06:50 AM

A new update is available for SAS Marketing Automation , version 6.4 :

  • Hot Fix: U53010 - Published 06SEP2016 , Download link for U53010
  • Component name: SAS Marketing Automation
  • Related SAS release: 9.4


Issues addressed in U53010

SAS Note 56408

The first occurrence of a campaign that is scheduled to recur multiple times per day might occur earlier than the scheduled start time

SAS Note 57805

Character functions are missing from the function list when you create a calculated variable in Russian in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio

SAS Note 58131

You receive an error in SAS® Marketing Operations Management after you initiate a campaign for SAS® Marketing Automation

SAS Note 58236

An error occurs when you select missing values for a Select node and you use a non-English localization of SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio

SAS Note 58442

Changing the From Subject and To Subject fields in one Process node changes those fields in all Process nodes

SAS Note 58564

The values in the criteria rows might appear misplaced after you edit the criteria in a Branch node

SAS Note 58567

The macro variable MATABLEFORMACRO does not resolve macro values when they are used to generate export filenames

SAS Note 58585

The SAS® Customer Intelligence LoadTreatment utility does not load labels

SAS Note 58615

Optimized counts are missing in the communication-cells report after a campaign group optimization

SAS Note 58713

Group membership in the Customer Intelligence Basic Campaign Designer does not enable users to create campaigns

This list of notes might be incomplete. For a complete list of issues addressed by this hot fix, visit the hot fix page for U53010


Note: A comprehensive list of all SAS hot fixes is available from You can use the SAS Hot Fix Analysis, Download, and Deployment (SASHFADD) tool to manage your SAS hot fixes.

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