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Current version of CST (1.7.2) seems to be dated - for example most up to date SDTM is 3.2, etc.


What is the long-term support status of CST?


Will standards be updated? is there any info published on what/when?




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No. It is obsoleted. It is replaced by SAS Clinical Data Integration.
Obsidian | Level 7

I was one of the developers for CST when I was still at SAS. Development for CST stopped in 2017. SAS Clinical Data Integration was never a replacement for CST, although it used some of the CST capabilities under the hood. Development of SAS CDI stopped years ago. SAS Life Science Analytics Framework is the current SAS solution for Clinical trials.


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To support effectively the many ways organizations use CST and as part of SAS’s commitment to providing value to the community, we are excited to announce the release of CST under an Open Source license. This release is a direct port of the last production release with minor modifications to adapt to new deployment architecture and contains product documentation, installation instructions and details for contribution.


Links to these resources can be found here


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It is a good news! Thumbs Up. Have to give you a BIG thank .
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Is there any resource or examples I can learn it ?
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CST contains a Sample Library that has a number of programs for each standard that you can run to become familiar with the product.  You can also check out the online documentation, most of which is still applicable to the open source release.

Obsidian | Level 7

There are also a number of presentations that have been given over the years about the Clinical Standards Toolkit.
Go to 
and search for: TITLE contains: clinical + standards + toolkit
This will give 34 results.

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