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Team Carve Scanning for Health

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Team Name

Team Carve Scanning for Health



Use Case

During the last year with a pandemic setting our entire Health Care sector under pressure, it has become clear that there is a real value in optimizing the use of scarce resources in the hospitals to maintain the general health of the population. One bottleneck is the Radiologist's department. Not only do they administrate some very expensive hardware but the Radiologists themselves are also short-numbered. With the help of SAS software, Hyperautomation and good business understanding Team Carve and Herlev Hospital will join forces in this hackathon to optimize the processes involved in the CT scanning operations.


SAS Software



Team lead

Mads Krogh Munch Nielsen

Team members

Thomas Bruun Kolby –

Julie Gerlings –

Mirza Hasanbasic –

Birgitte Kofod Ollsen –



Wow.. what a journey,
We have just ended the work with editing the video for our Hackathon and just watching the very positve reaction from the doctors and hospital employed involved, when they responded to the solution, was worth all the effort. "This is truly Data Driven Health Care", "I have never seen our work visualized like this before", "It will change the way we do our planning". The videos will be uploaded shortly.. stay tuned... 

Amazing work Carve and the mentors!

I am always a big fan of data-driven and optimized health care practices.  Good job Team Carve!!

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