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Are you interested in learning how to write SAS programs that interact with the Viya Rest APIs?  If so, here’s a SASGF breakout session you'll want to check out!    


This session will demonstrate SAS code which programmatically retrieves a Visual Analytics report’s unique id.  The id is then fed to a macro which requests the reportImages service create an SVG image of the report. 


But if you just can’t wait until SASGF to start creating SAS code that connects to the Viya Rest APIs, here’s the first example from the presentation to get you started!  The GitHub button below links to a SAS program which can be run in the SAS Studio 5.1 instance of a Viya 3.4 environment.  The program first finds any Visual Analytics reports named “Retail Insights”.  The resulting reports and their associated unique IDs are then printed in SAS Studio’s results window. 


 Take Me to GitHub!




Registration is open! SAS is returning to Vegas for an AI and analytics experience like no other! Whether you're an executive, manager, end user or SAS partner, SAS Innovate is designed for everyone on your team. Register for just $495 by 12/31/2023.

If you are interested in speaking, there is still time to submit a session idea. More details are posted on the website. 

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