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Writing a SAS Global Forum paper? Don't forget your metadata

Have you ever performed an internet search for a SAS topic and found a big list of "Paper Template" results?


nometa.pngDon't be generic. Claim your work!

These nuggets are actually SAS conference papers in disguise -- PDF files that lack the proper metadata that search engines need to bring the important details forward.


When you create your conference paper in Microsoft Word, and then later save to a PDF format, your paper "inherits" the metadata that's baked into the Paper Template document file that the conference team provides.  That metadata includes your paper title, your name (and coauthors), and optional keywords.  By customizing these document properties for your topic, you'll make it much easier for knowledge thirsters to search for and find your content.  This can also make a difference in how your paper appears in the conference proceedings.  


Customizing these fields is a simple task...but it's also easy to forget because they aren't visible in the body of your paper.  That's why this year's template document has a big yellow reminder for you.




To adjust your document properties and add this metadata, select File, then the Advanced Properties from the Properties drop-down menu.




When you click the menu item, you'll see the properties window where you can specify all of your important details.




When you convert your paper to PDF for the final submission, you can check that the PDF properties are also intact.  In Acrobat Reader, select File->Properties:



You'll find your document template and many other presenter resources on the SAS Global Forum site.  (Note that some of the resources will require you to sign in with your conference ID, which you would have created when you submitted your paper idea.)