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What is your communities team doing at SASGF 2018?
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Our time in Denver is just a few short weeks away. The communities team is busy preparing for our biggest event of the year, and we’ll have a strong presence at the conference.


CH badges.jpg

Chris Hemedinger will be one busy man! He’ll spend some time at the communities booth in the Engage Area of the Quad. He’s also presenting “Web Metrics at Scale: Using Base SAS to Access Google Analytics APIs” on Wednesday, April 11 from 11:30am-12:30pm. And he’ll continue his ever-popular video series, Tech Talks. And when he’s not doing all that, you’ll likely find him attending sessions.


SS swag.jpg

Who will be at the communities booth, you ask? Moi. I’ll be spending the bulk of my time at the booth in the Quad, handing out the earned swag, giving community demos, answering questions, and greeting old friends. I’ll also be hosting the SUGA LinkUp on Monday evening.



AB interview.jpg


Anna Brown can be found all around the conference venue, interviewing customers, presenters, and SAS employees for a series of videos showcasing the best and brightest at SAS Global Forum.



BB HQ.jpg


With three communities members in Denver, someone has to hold down the fort. That honor goes to Bev Brown. She’ll be back at HQ, managing all things community related. So never fear, your communities will run as smoothly as ever with Bev at the helm.


Chris, Anna and myself look forward to seeing all community members in Denver. Please say hello if and when you see us roaming around!


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