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Proceedings are online

Now available! You can sort in a number of ways. For those heading to Denver this weekend, safe travels!

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Re: Proceedings are online

great news, thank you! I wonder, is there a link available to download them all in a single zip fils, as in past years? Perhaps it is there, but I could not find it.

Will they be available in the mobile app?

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Proceedings are online
Posted in reply to JuanS_OCS

I don't see a link to download a zip file either.


Hmmm, perhaps some kind SAS programmer will be kind enough to post a little data step that will crawl through the web page and download all the linked pdf files, then zip them.  Then present it as a late-breaking coders corner fill-in. : )



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Re: Proceedings are online

@Quentin, that request is simple enough...


filename foo url "";

%macro getPaper(url);
%local big small;
%let big=%scan(&url,-1,/);
%let small=%scan(&big,1,-);
filename _&small "%sysfunc(pathname(work,l))\&big";
proc http url="&url" method='get' out=_&small;
ods package(pckg) add file=_&small;

*filename pckg "%sysfunc(pathname(work,l))\";
ods package(pckg) open nopf;

data _null_;
length pdf $1024.;
infile foo dsd dlm=' ';
input @'<a href=' pdf :;
if substr(pdf,max(lengthn(pdf)-2,1))='pdf';
call execute('%nrstr(' || '%getPaper(' || trim(pdf) || ')' || ')');

ods package(pckg) publish archive
ods package(pckg) close;
filename _all_ clear;


In case anyone was wondering... by uncompressed file size, the biggest paper is:

E-Poster 2876

Predictive Modeling of the Journey from H-1B to Permanent US Work Visa by Shibbir Khan, Clark University, Graduate School of Management, Worcester, MA, USA


and the smaller is:

Breakout 1778

A Macro for Ensuring Data Integrity When Converting SAS® Data Sets by Richard D. Langston, SAS Institute Inc.


and the highest compression ratio

E-Poster 1664

Weather Data Cleansing for Electrical Load Forecasting by Aubrey Condor, University of Central Florida


and the largest compressed file size

Breakout 2910

Getting Started with Survival Analysis Course Notes by Marc Huber, SAS Institute, Inc.


The resulting zip file is is about 311Mb and contains 427 pdfs

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Re: Proceedings are online

Thanks much @FriedEgg !


Simple enough for you, I suppose.  I had thought about taking the time to re-read some of @ChrisHemedinger's blog posts on SAS web scrapers and give it a try myself, but even if I had started last night I probably wouldn't have managed to get it working before my flight tomorrow. : )


Hope to catch up with you in Denver.


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Re: Proceedings are online

This is great, thank you!

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Re: Proceedings are online

Sorry for the delay in posting this.  A "download all papers" link has been added to the proceedings page: