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Visit the SASGF 2017 Content Catalogue

Hi Everyone,

We are about 80% complete with publishing the content catalogue (or "catalog"). Hope you are visiting periodically to check out the great content that will be offered. If you notice the date and time of the sessions, no you are not dreaming; they all state Friday, March 31 at 1:00am. All session times will be published by the end of February, when you will be able to use the agenda builder to personalize your conference experience.



John Amrhein

SASGF 2017 Conference Chair

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Re: Visit the SASGF 2017 Content Catalogue
Hi John,

I'm curious about why my session wasn't listed

Dear Stephen Sloan,

Congratulations! The content you submitted has been selected for SAS®
Global Forum 2017. We think it will be a great fit for the conference. Once
again, we received a record number of submissions covering a wide variety
of topics.

Session ID: 1055
Session Title: Using PROC CLP to solve the agent-district assignment problem
Session Type: 20 Minute Breakout Session.

Please let me know.

Thank you!

Steve Sloan

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Re: Visit the SASGF 2017 Content Catalogue

HI Stephen,


Thanks for reaching out.  The process of making the sessions visible is a manual one and certain tasks have to be completed to allow us to do so.  We are in the process of reviewing all the sessions to ensure that the authors have completed the required tasks and we will publish them as quickly as possible.  Hopefully we will have your session published in the next day or so. 


I apologize for the delay.



Nancy Moser

SAS Global Forum Content Management



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Re: Visit the SASGF 2017 Content Catalogue

I did check your tasks. While you have completed all of your tasks your co presenter also needs to complete his tasks. Please email me at if you need more information