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I was privileged to attend a session on what's new in ODS at MidWest SAS Users Group conference last October, and was practically jumping off my chair at the news about tagged PDF in SAS 9.4M4.  For anyone who works for the government, either as an employee or contractor, these two enhanced ODS destinations will save so much time and effort.  My company spends endless hours "508ing" documents and output for government use.  I'm super excited about these pre-production accessibility options!  I create between 15,600+ to 27,800+ PDFs every month as part of my job, and the possibility of creating tagged versions of these documents is very welcome.


I encourage everyone who is interested in accessibility and complying with Section 508 and similar standards to head to the accessibility booth in the Quad, and to attend the several SAS papers on the topic.  If you can't make any of these, head to the booth in the Quad, I promise you won't be disappointed!


Accessibility and SAS® University Edition: Tips for Students and Professors


Tag, You're It! Creating Accessible (Tagged) PDF Files with the Fourth Maintenance Release for SAS® 9.4 Output Delivery System


Raising the Bar: The Pending Section 508 Refresh and the ODS HTML5 Destination



Community Manager

These are great topics -- thanks to @louisehadden for sharing!  I've just met with members of the teams who created these techniques (and the papers you cite) -- they are amped to show off what they've been working on!

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SAS Employee

To add to the reasons to see one of the papers or come by the booth, we just announced the availability of the SAS Graphics Accelerator which lets users with visual disabilities take even more advantage of all of the cool stuff you can now embed in your SAS output - including the ability to "hear" a graph.  Pretty cool.  And even if you're not able to go to the conference, follow the links in the press release to the product page for more info, samples, and documentation. 

Quartz | Level 8

Here's the press release!


Listening to a graph is just mind-blowing - I recommend that everyone try this out!

SAS Employee

Thanks for pointing out the papers and the press release, @louisehadden.  One clarification, on the demo floor, there will be an accessibility booth but it won't say "accessibility".  Look for the "Report Design Clinic" booth in the Catalyst Cafe, which is part of the quad.


We want to emphasize that accessibility should be part of your design which is why we're located at the "Report Design Clinic".  You will be able to try out the new SAS Graphics Accelerator, get help on how to make your ODS output accessible, and of course get help on designing your Visual Analytics reports.  

You can find more information on

We hope to see you there!

Quartz | Level 8

I totally agree on the report desigh aspect!  In fact, regardless of whether or not you produce "tagged" output, design matters.  For example, some forms of spanning headers in tables, commonly used to save room, will produce errors with a really rigorous Section 508 compliance test (any agencies within the HHA umbrella.) I'm very much looking forward to the clinic!  

SAS Employee

If you read about the quad on the SGF site, you'll notice it has two levels.  The Catalyst Cafe, and thus the Report Design Clinic Booth, and thus accessibility, are on the lower level of the quad.  Hope you can find us.


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