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Swag-ify your conference experience with SAS Support Communities goodies

Hi SAS Global Forum attendees,


Once again, your communities team has assembled some coveted rewards for your participation on these SAS Support Communities.  You can earn this swag only by attending the conference and marking certain achievments on the communities forums. have to plan ahead in order to receive this cool stuff!


The items include:


  • a SAS Support Communities lunch bag (lunch not included)
  • a tiny wireless (Bluetooth) speaker with big sound (Hamilton soundtrack not included -- you must supply your own #jams)
  • and a special messenger bag made from recycled SAS banners

Swag shot

What can you do with these items? You're limited only by your imagination.  Our communities team prepared a presentation of a few humble ideas.  Please watch and enjoy -- feel free to comment back with your own ideas.


(view in My Videos)


How to Earn this Swag


You might have noticed that you when you mark certain acheivements on the SAS Support Communities, you earn badges.  The criteria for earning our communities swag is tied to these badges and your recent activity level.


To earn the Lunch Bag, you must have provided 5 responses in the community and received the “To the Rescue” badge.



To earn the Wireless speaker, you must have posted at least five topics in the community and received the “Fire Starter” badge.



And, finally, we want to give you a truly unique item: a custom messenger bag, made with material from SAS’ own roll shades and conference material. To walk away with this beauty, you must have received an accepted solution and given five likes…earning you the “First Accepted Solution” and “Motivator” badges:



Finally, in order to earn any of these items, you must have some recent activity on the communities site. I mean, you might have earned the above badges long ago...but we aren't rewarding you for resting on your laurels!  Our requirements are simple: you must have visited the communities (while signed in) on at least 3 different days in the past 6 months (counting back from the conference date).  (Yes, we can count these things.  That doesn't surprise you, does it?)


To claim your swag*, visit us at the SAS Support Communities station during the Quad's operating hours.  We'll be in the Lower Quad.  (These terms and locations will make sense to you when you arrive at the conference.)


(* All items available while supplies last.  Visit us early to make your claim!)

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Re: Swag-ify your conference experience with SAS Support Communities goodies

That video! Priceless!!! Smiley LOL Heart