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SASGF 2017 - where memories, magic and analytic dreams come true

As the clock ticks and the calendar flicks, SAS Global Forum 2017 gets closer and closer…


You know that ticking sound. Maybe it’s like the one in Peter Pan where Captain Hook is haunted by Tick-Tock, the crocodile. Or perhaps it’s more like the sound of a clock striking the hour, as in Cinderella, with her countdown to midnight (or as I prefer to call it “pumpkin time”). Whatever form it takes, those clock sounds can often inhabit our subconscious as deadlines and elation approach.


No doubt at least some of our SAS Global Forum 2017 organizers, presenters, attendees and sponsors – like Metacoda – are hearing some tick, tick, ticking, and feeling the excitement as April approaches.


So why the Disney-themed introduction, you wonder? Well, SAS Global Forum (SASGF) 2017 is being held at Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort; the same place it was held 5 years ago.


In fact, speaking of Disney, let’s sprinkle a pinch of fairy dust and journey back to a few of our favourite SASGF 2012 Metacoda memories... at the SAS Global Forum Metacoda Memories and Magic blog post.


Metacoda SASGF2017 Social Castle _tweet.jpg