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SAS Online Communities Linkup 2017 - May 2, 3pm EDT

Hi SAS Global Forum fans!


SAS Global Forum was so busy this year that we could not schedule our traditional "SAS communities" Linkup.  This fun meeting features presentations from leaders of SAS-L,, this community, and more.  


Instead, we deferred our in-person meeting for the promise of a "virtual" meeting -- at a time that won't compete so heavily with the other fun events of SAS Global Forum. This online meeting will allow more people to attend, and will be recorded for those who cannot make it "Live".  (Downside: you'll have to supply your own food/beverage.  Upside: you can attend in your pajamas.)


The details of the event are in this post. Use the linked form to register in advance.  Registration is optional, but if you sign up then you'll receive automatic reminders and a calendar entry.  Save the date!


Hope to "see" you soon!


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Re: SAS Online Communities Linkup 2017 - May 2, 3pm EDT

I think having it after SASGF is a great way to bring the wider community together to celebrate. Thanks for arranging Chris!




P.S. Just because you mentioned it, I'll attend in my PJs... and because it is 5am here Smiley Wink