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SAS Communities/SAS-L/ Meetup: Monday 5:30pm-7pm
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There is a lot of great stuff happening at SAS Global Forum this year.  One of the unfortunate side effects is that, unless you can be in multiple places at once, you have to choose how and where to spend your precious time.


After consulting with the leadership of and SAS-L, we decided not to host a formal gathering for the various online communities this year.  Our meeting would be in competition with several other meetups that people want to attend, and (maybe most importantly) it would take us away from the food and drink in during the Quad social hours!


However, we will have an informal gathering spot in the "Quad - Upper" during this social time.  Come and catch up with your fellow online community peeps from SAS-L,, SAS Support Communities, LinkedIn, and more.  We'll be in Theater 4.


Overlapping this event, there are several other "meetups" (informal gatherings within the Quad). There are also "Linkups" -- meetings located in other rooms that are a little ways away from the hustle and bustle of the social hour.   Be sure to review all of the available networking opportunities and add them to your conference agenda!


But what about SAS-L awards?  And the other time-honored traditions?

Instead of our usual in-person meeting at the conference, we plan to have a virtual meeting that anyone from around the world can join.  The date has not yet been set, but we'll have announcements on all of the channels so that you make your plans to tune in.  And we'll record it, as usual, in case "live" attendance doesn't work out for you.

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Re: SAS Communities/SAS-L/ Meetup: Monday 5:30pm-7pm

Thanks @ChrisHemedinger for the update and good idea to have a follow up virtual meeting for the awards.


So many meetups/linkups - thanks for sharing... I think we need to have a SASGF cloning station Smiley Wink