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Presentation that you are most excited about....

I'm planning my schedule and wondered what is everyone elses presentation/poster/talk you are most excited about?


What is a presentation/poster/talk that seems like most value for your learning objectives?

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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....
Will let you know once I've made another pass through my presentations-wanting-to-attend wish list. So far, I've narrowed it down to 106 presentations. Has someone got the Cloning Station working yet?
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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

If you're interested in learning about retail, I'm presenting at 4:30 on Tuesday! Merging Marketing & Merchandising to Drive Customer-Centric Assortments!


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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

Great topic!


Of course, I am the most excited about the two presentations that I will be giving:


I can't wait to see all of you in the audience!


Beyond that, I am stoked to see the tremendous strides the SAS Institute brainiacs have made in helping us to create accessible content for sight-challenged data consumers:


And then, as per discussions, there are lots and lots more interesting presentations.

Best of luck in all your SAS endeavors!

(aka Michael A. Raithel)
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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....
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So many presentations, so little time - darn the cloning station delay!


I concur with Mike's excitement about the accessibility presentations (and also recommend his presentations.)  If you can't make any of the three accessibility related presentations, the team will be in the Quad at the Report Design Clinic.  Listening to a graph will really make your day!


Tricia Aanderud has a VA presentation I have my eye on, "SAS® Visual Analytics Tricks We Learned from Reading Hundreds of SAS® Community Posts".


If you are into mapping, Barbara Okerson has an awesome presentation, "Mapping Roanoke Island: From 1585 to Present" 

lined up.  If you are into mapping Mars or are looking at the new(ish) GfK maps and data files, I also have two related presentations, "Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Data Right Over: Exploring External Geographic Data Sources with SAS®" and "SAS/GRAPH® and GfK GeoMarketing Maps: a Subject Matter Expert Winning Combination".


Hands on Workshops are often the best deals around, and my recommendation\wish I could go to but I'm presenting then is for a TRULY hands-on team experience presented by Troy Martin Hughes, "Parallel Processing Your Way to Faster Software and a Big Fat Bonus: Demonstrations in Base SAS®".  Troy's other presentations are also high on my list.


I usually have Ron Cody's function bible open on my desk, so his "A Survey of Some of the Most Useful SAS® Functions" is a must see.  You never go away empty-handed (or minded) from his presentations.  On a related note, Art Carpenter's "Name That Function: Punny Function Names with Multiple MEANings and Why You Do Not Want to MISS Out" is high on my list, as are any of his presentations.  


I've also got Jane Eslinger's book "The SAS® Programmer's PROC REPORT Handbook" on my desk (just consulted it) so her "The REPORT Procedure and ODS Destination for Microsoft Excel: The Smarter, Faster Way to Create First-Rate Excel Reports" is on my list.  


Long story short, there are SO MANY presentations I want to see.  I'm really psyched!  Don't forget to head to the Quad, see the e-Posters (a great way to get tips from up and coming SAS legends), and consult the Code Doctors.  See you in a few days!


A preview of mapping Mars:





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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

If you're into programming, I invite you to attend my presentation "Beyond IF THEN ELSE: Techniques for Conditional Execution of SAS Code" at 5:30pm on Tuesday.


You might learn a new trick or a new function, or you might teach me one!  Either way, I promise to keep it lively and interactive and get everyone out of there in plenty of time to head over to the Tuesday evening event at Disney's Hollywood Studios!


Josh Horstman

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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

Shameless promotion from first time presenter ...


Let me help Unix/Linux SAS administrators manage their SAS services in a multi-tiered deployment:


An Oasis of Serenity in a Sea of Chaos: Automating the Management of Your UNIX/Linux Multi-tiered SA...


Dolphin Level 3 - Oceanic 4

Mon, April 3rd, 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Be one with the penguin.




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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

I am excited to be presenting for the first time at SGF so of course those presentations are the ones I am most excited for. 


Interested in what I have to talk about, I am invite you to see one (or all) of my presentations:

"Check Please: An Automated Approach to Log Checking" at 3:00 pm on Monday in Oceanic 4

"When ANY Function Will Just NOT Do" at 1:30 pm on Tuesday at e-Poster Station 8

"Let SAS® Do Your DIRty Work" at 11:00 am on Wednesday in Oceanic 4


I am also excited to see Deanna Screiber-Gregory's paper on multicollinearity "Multicollinearity: What Is It, Why Should We Care, and How Can It Be Controlled?".


Of course, I can't wait to see Josh Horstman's and Troy Hughes' presentations and as well as some of faves (Kirk, Art and Arthur).   There is just too many to choose from.  I think I will have a lot of reading to do when I get back so I can keep up with the ones I was not able to attend. Woman Very Happy


See everyone soon in Orlando.

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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

Wow! This is a great thread. So many great topics, just not enough time. I love the idea of the cloning machine Smiley Happy


Of course as a newbie presenter at SGF I would love to have anyone that is interested to come on Tuesday at 10:00 to see how I tackle my presentation titled "Help! My New Director of Analytics wants to get rid of SAS! What should I do?" 


Tuesday 10:00

Dolphin Level 3 - Asia 2




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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

If you are a macro nerd like me (seriously, I had a dream the other night of writing a macro do loop to loop thru paintbrushes changing color of each brush to paint a piece of pottery.), make sure you check out my macro presentations of:

- Protecting Your Programs from Unwanted Text... Tuesday at 12:30

- The Ins and Outs of %IF - Tuesday at 4:30


I'm most looking forward to A Long-time SAS Programmer learns new tricks, Hands-On Workshop: SAS Studio for SAS Programmers, and A Practical Guide to Healthcare data.

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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....
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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

All of these presentations sound so helpful and interesting. Since I'm in the process of writing up a business case for a SAS upgrade, this one is of particular interest to me.

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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

Presenting video game statistics is exciting.Check out my eposter about two advanced video games. A fair amount of text wrangling and support like on SAS-L went into the code that makes these statistics happen.

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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....

Are you a SAS programmer??  (Of course you are!)


Come see DATA step run in multiple threads across multiple machines in SAS Viya.  Or, the new varchar type in SAS Viya.


Don't know what SAS Viya is?  Once you see DATA step running there, you'll understand right away!!



DATA Step in SAS® Viya™: Essential New Features  (Wednesday - 11am)


Programmers, this is your invitation to come by the Programming area in the Quad and say "Hi!"  If you don't program, there are other areas of the Quad for you.  Smiley Happy


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Re: Presentation that you are most excited about....
I will be there!

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