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Old school, new school: SAS Learning Resources


Hi, all! I first started learning SAS in 1986, and I became an intern at SAS in 1991. Things were very different then if you wanted to install Base SAS and learn basic coding. I now manage of team of interns who provide support for our SAS Analytics U products, including SAS University Edition and SAS OnDemand for Academics. One of those interns was Allison, who is now with SAS full-time. She and I will be doing a presentation at SAS Global Forum called “The Well Equipped Student: Using SAS® University Edition and E-Learning to Gain SAS® Skills”. If you are responsible for training others in SAS, or if you are a new user, come see us on Monday, April 3 at 12:30 PM! You'll hear about how our experiences differed and the resources available for SAS learners today!

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Re: Old school, new school: SAS Learning Resources
Are Jupyter notebooks going to be part of your talk?