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Issue w/ SASGF App

I've tried to download the app on my iphone.  It says that the app is password protected and enter the event password from the app download email.  I never have gotten an email.  I'm checking the correct email that is associated with my apple account.


I would think I would have gotten the email by now but haven't.  Does it take a few days?  Am I missing something?

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Re: Issue w/ SASGF App

There are 2 steps. The first password is SASGF17


Then, after you enter your name (as I recall at least) it sends you an email with a 4 digit code. Each time I've done it, the email was received within 5 minutes


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Re: Issue w/ SASGF App
Hi! Here are the instructions you need.

? Search for SAS(r) Global Forum 2017 in your device's app store.
? Tap on SAS Global Forum 2017 and enter the event password SASGF17.
? Tap on the 3 lines at the top left corner and "Log in for more features".
? Enter your first and last name. Access your email for the 4-digit verification code.
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Re: Issue w/ SASGF App

Awesome - this worked!  Thanks so much for the help!