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If you are interested in SAS Metadata Security, read on!

If you are a SAS Administrator and interested in metadata and file system security, I encourage you to attend my SAS Global Forum presentation today at 3:30pm - "Getting Started with Designing and Implementing a SAS 9.4 Metadata and File System Security Design".  We will discuss security design best practices used by U.S. SAS Consulting.  I've also attached a starter metadata security design template which is a supplement to my paper: .  It appears I can't attach a Visio document to this post, so email me directly if you would like the .vsd or .vsdx version of the attachment.


Hope to see you there!

- Angie

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Re: If you are interested in SAS Metadata Security, read on!

Hello @angieh, Angie,


many thanks for sharing your experiences and best practices with all of us. I am sure it will be very useful to all of us.

I also found it very clear and easy to understand and to implement. The popular Danish Golden rules are excellent guidelines, although I also found they are hard to understand to many colleagues. Your steps provide all the good by saving the time-for-understanding part. 


I had the priviledge to attended your presentation, and your contribution in the SUGA panelist, although I missed the opportunity to have 5 min to speak with you. Maybe next year's? We shall see.


PS. Also many thanks to @MichelleHomes for the social media promotion!







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Re: If you are interested in SAS Metadata Security, read on!
Posted in reply to JuanS_OCS

Thanks @JuanS_OCS - Lots of great info to share!!! Smiley Happy