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Dress code at conference?

Hello everyone


First time forum goer - would like to get your input on the average attire so I don't look too out of place?  Is "business casual" ok for the bulk of the conference?  Can I dip into my collection of polo t-shirts?


I did a google search for last year's conference and saw many photos of people dressed up in suits.  As a Canadian with a low tolerance for heat (read: I sweat easily) and a forecasted temperature hovering around 30 Celsius (86 F), this would not bode well for me




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Re: Dress code at conference?
wear what makes you comfortable - and
remember how much ac can chill a conference centre - - there will be relief areas (bars)
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Re: Dress code at conference?
Hi Michael -
Business Casual is just fine (including polo shirts). Just be aware that you will see different styles. Some will be dressed in suit and tie; others will be dressed in t-shirt and jeans. For me, business casual is a good middle of the road option that will fit in well.
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Re: Dress code at conference?

Most people seem to dress in suits and a bit more formally than other conferences I've attended, to fit in you may feel more comfortable in more formal attire. 

That being said, it's a big venue/hotel so wear comfy shoes and the air conditioning seems designed for men in business suits, so it's chilly inside and then boiling outside. 


PS I wear jeans and a t-shirt when I'm there, because I mostly don't care about that stuff. It's also the official uniform of a data scientist Smiley Wink




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Re: Dress code at conference?



I would agree with the others here that you will fit right in wearing business casual, but you will see a wide variety of attire.  I think it depends in part on your goals for the conference.  If professional networking is a focus for you, or if you think a job change might be in your not-too-distant future, or if you are a consultant looking to build relationships with potential clients, then it might make sense to step the wardrobe up a notch.  


I have worn a suit in the past, although they are such a pain to travel with.  I usually bring a blazer or sportscoat to wear when I am presenting, and I might also wear it at a social event or two.  


For the Hollywood Studios event, however, I am tempted to break all bounds of business protocol and wear shorts and flip-flops as I also have a low tolerance for heat and humidity.  I'm not Canadian, but maybe I should be.  Smiley Happy



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Re: Dress code at conference?

To echo Josh's sentiments: If you are going to the Kick-Back Party at Disney Studios, you will want to dress for walking in heat and humidity. Even though it is in the evening, the heat and humidity in central Florida is severe and lasts into the evening hours. I suspect many will be in shorts and T-shirts for that event.

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Re: Dress code at conference?
Thanks for your input, everyone. I will take a mix of items. Not a data scientist, but perhaps I'll wear the uniform Smiley Happy
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Re: Dress code at conference?

Suggest to bring shorts/tshirt for when not at conference.  Florida is wonderful but still hot and humid.


I didn't know there was an 'official' data uniform - there should be 'official' data uniform tshirts Smiley Wink

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Re: Dress code at conference?


There is, or at least the other years there has been, the last cobble of years there has been the official SASGF T-shirt, the Cloudera T-shirt, the Teradata T-shirt, the SAS usability survey T-shirt, take your pick you fit right in :-)

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Re: Dress code at conference?

I do have the cloudera one i think - Data is the new Tofu.   Some reason the tofu ones were plentiful and the bacon ones ran out, lol.

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Re: Dress code at conference?

I'm not presenting this year so I get to wear jeans/shorts//tshirts/polo shirts the whole time. But, I agree with the others, bring a sweater to ward off the AC. Also, given the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, bring an umbrella. I'm coming from Toronto, thus need a winter coat to get to and from the airport here. Not much use for it in Orlando, but getting back off the plane into 4 degrees (C) in shorts and a t-shirt wouldn't be too comfortable.


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