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Community Manager

Glad you love the messenger bag, @PeterWijers! They're a great memento of SAS and each is unique, just like our awesome users. Also appreciate that they're made from material that would otherwise end up in landfills. And they're hand-crafted by good people doing all they can to escape poverty.

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Fluorite | Level 6

What is the name of the company that does this?   I am wondering if they do small quantities.   My son is in the Army. They are in the process of changing the style of their uniforms and they old uniforms will no longer be regulation.   I would love to send a couple of his old uniforms to them to make him a bag.  



Community Manager

That would be an amazing memento, @CarolB! It's a nonprofit based in Charlotte, NC called UpcycleLife: Post back here what you find out.

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Meteorite | Level 14

Such a great way to recycle and provide awesome SAS swag. Thanks @BeverlyBrown for organising this. Was very excited to get mine and I look forward to using it.

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Obsidian | Level 7

I'm really enjoy also Maggie's official #SASGF bowling classy #KickbackParty socks 


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SAS Employee

They're not just stylish... but also very comfortable 🙂

Obsidian | Level 7
I loved the contest. I wasn't in it for the swag (though the swag was cool!) but the contest pushed me to get more involved with the communities while actually being logged in. I'd done a lot of perusing while not logged in and hadn't participated much but now I feel a lot more comfortable doing so! Great job!


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