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vbar size with title in pdf

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vbar size with title in pdf

Dear all,

I create pdf output with a graph, a vbar. As soon as I set titles, der vertical size of the graph gets very small - too small - it doesn't use all of the paper I have. Here's my code (I use SAS 9.2 with UNIX in the SAS portal):

options orientation=landscape papersize=a3;

ods pdf body=_webout style=sasweb notoc uniform;

[this is where I would put the title - code see below]

goptions device=sasprtc ftext="helvetica" cback=white colors=(CX113388,CX426BB2,CX819CCC,CXB3C4DC);

proc gchart data=work.mygraph;

     vbar field1 / group=field2 freq=field3 patternid=midpoint frec discrete raxis=axis1 maxis=axis2 gaxis=axis3;

     axis1 label=(h=10 angle=90 color=black 'My label') minor=none;

     axis2 label=none;

     axis3 label=none;



If I don't use a title the graph is ok in size (yet vsize nor ypixels help in enlarging it vertically).

Now when I use title where I indicated in the code above (or within the proc step - effect it the same) the graph gets smaller. And it even gets smaller when I user more titles:

title "My heading";

title2 "some remarks";

title3 "blabla";


title9 "text";

I then have the title on the top of the page followed by much white space and then a small strip of vbar graph followed by much white space.

Can anybody help?

Best wishes


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