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values in the axis for bar charts

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values in the axis for bar charts

I'm using SAS EG  for drawing bar charts. The charts are only displaying the values of ranges, present in the dataset. Wondering how to get all the values of the ranges displayed on the axis including the zero values. I tried unselecting the zero values in advance tab, but graph didn't change. thanks.

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values in the axis for bar charts

I'm not an EG user, but I'll assume that EG is generating "proc gchart" code, and you're seeing "ranges" of values on the midpoint axis(?)...

If so, you'll probably want to specify the "discrete" option, so all the individual numeric midpoint values will show up on the axis (as separate bars), rather than being grouped into ranges (grouping numeric midpoint values into ranges to create histograms is the default in gchart bar charts).

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