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templates for proc greplay

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templates for proc greplay

I'd like to use proc greplay and would like to see which templates SAS offers for this procedure.  Can you please point to the best location to find this information?

Here's my base code using files from a previous procedure stored in the "test" folder in my a1 library.

proc greplay igout=a1.test tc=sashelp.templat

  template=D3d nofs;

treplay 1:test1 2:test2 3:test3 4:test4;





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Re: templates for proc greplay

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The default SAS supplied templates are in the SASHELP library in the TEMPLT catalog. If you click on the template you will get a text description of the layout in the log.  These examples all create non-overlapping areas of roughly uniform size but there is no requirement for either. If you use overlapping ones you probably don't want the boundary to show though.

Making templates for Greplay is pretty easy after you've done once or twice. I always found getting the text size in the original graph to work well in the replayed space was the tricky bit.

You can create upto 99 spaces within a single template but be careful.

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Re: templates for proc greplay

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I typically create my own greplay templates, so I can get the spacing (around the outside border, and between the graphs) exactly like I want it.

But, I did a Google search on a few of the predefined template names that I happened to have in my head, and turned up the following page which might help you do what you were asking for:

SAS FAQ: How can I view built-in templates for proc greplay?

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