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spiderplot proc sgplot

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spiderplot proc sgplot




Hi ,


I am trying to create spiderplot. by Mono and combo treatment groups. I am able to get spider legs either solid line or dashed lines, But I want mono trt group with dashed lines and combo with solid lines. Please suggest if any options to get this. Thanks.

I have attached plot image


Code I use:

proc sgplot data=chg   ;
     styleattrs datacontrastcolors=(&colors.) ;
     refline 0 / lineattrs=(pattern=shortdash);
     refline -25 / lineattrs=(pattern=shortdash);
     refline 25 / lineattrs=(pattern=shortdash);
     series x=xvar y=yvar / group=subjid grouplc=&bytype. groupmc=&bytype.
                markers markerattrs=(symbol=circlefilled )
               lineattrs=(thickness=2 pattern=solid) name='a';
     keylegend 'a' / title="&leglabel." type=linecolor valueattrs=(size=7)
               location=inside position=topright sortorder=ascending across=1 opaque;

     xaxis label='Study day';
     yaxis label='Percentage change from baseline (%)';

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Re: spiderplot proc sgplot

Use ATTRPRIORITY=NONE in the ODS GRAPHICS options like this


ods graphics / attrpriority=none;
proc sgplot data=sashelp.stocks;
    where stock ne "IBM";
    series x=date y=close / group=stock;
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