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sgplot legend - different size fonts

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sgplot legend - different size fonts

My graph shows each legend label row as a different size font, the program is also  changing the some of the data points towards the end of the graph legend to show decimal places, not just integers, attached is code,  thanks for any assistance!

ratepink     94%     92%     7.3%

ratepurple  80%         60%       6.3%

blackrate    70%     55%     8.3%

bluerate     30%     20%    4.5%

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Re: sgplot legend - different size fonts

Could you provide some sample data,as well?

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Re: sgplot legend - different size fonts

Anca, thanks very much for responding to assist.  I modified the program for display so sample data would not be available.

More importantly,  your request for data had me revisit and I found formatting errors in prior programs that, when fixed, resolved the problem.  Also, updated some code I had already put in based on other responses to similar inquiries for sgplot and solved the problem.

Thanks again,  I sincerely appreciate your willingness to assist!

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