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series plots in proc template

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series plots in proc template

I want to create a plot in GTL. The code I used is

proc template;




seriesplot x = var1 y=var1/group = grp1  name = "series"

discretelegand "series"

The problem I have is My group variable values occurs twice but with different values for var1 in y axis, so when I plot the graph the duplicate groups gets  same color even though they plotted separately. Is there any way to specify in template to consider those duplicates as independent and gets 2 different color for lines?

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Re: series plots in proc template

The purpose of group is to make related items identified by the group option use the same settings.

You may have to reshape your data but you may require a separate seriesplot statment to use a different set of options. Possibly creating a second x and y variables only when the group variable wants a different color.

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Re: series plots in proc template

When I try to plot using series plot in GTL, I am getting warnings because of missing data. Is there any options that I can use to ignore missing data instead of showing warnings in Log?. The code I used is

seriesplot x = xvar y = yvar/name="ser1";

seriesplot x=xvar1 y= yvar1/yaxis = y2 name = "ser2".

some of the yvar1 is missing.

warnings:  y=yavr1is invalid

Please let me know If there is any options to ignore missing value.

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