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proc gmap

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proc gmap

Using proc gmap, how do I should clusters if I only have 1 zip code assigned to each data point?

For example, for zip code 99999, I have n=5 data points.  This meaning I would like to show 5 dots clustered in the 99999 zip code area.  Right now my code only gives me 1 dot per zip code.


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Re: proc gmap

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You will probably find Darrell's "dot density" map useful ...


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Re: proc gmap

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Are you using Annotate?  I assume so if you are showing dots.  The same ZIP Code will show up on exactly on top of each other, so you will see only one dot.  You can use a dot-density map.  You scatter the dot slightly so you will see all the dots.


This is in several SGF/SUGI papers.  Look in

Look for the paper: Outbreak Maps:  Visually Discovering Your Data.
The link to the examples zipfile is under it.  Look for and

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