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prob Java in using Call %sgdesign;

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prob Java in using Call %sgdesign;


I've problem with java when i launch SAS and the macro call %sgdesign;

Error message :

ERROR: The Java proxy is not responding

ERROR: The Java proxy's JNI call to start the VM failed

ERROR: Unable to load the java virtual machine

With admin (Admin network) login and use this macro call %sgdesign; in SAS  there is no problem (the ODS Graphics Designer works)

My system : Win7 64 bits

SAS : 9.2

Thanks to help me!


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Re: prob Java in using Call %sgdesign;

Hi Tarvel,

Could you please let us know the full version of SAS9.2? It is usually in the log when you start SAS, or the Help->About SAS dialog, or you could submit: %put &sysvlong;

Also, it would help to know if you are able to run a simple SGPLOT program from the login that you are having the problem with the same SAS version:

proc sgplot data=sashelp.class;

vbar age;


Lastly, is the account a Guest or a limited  user account, by any chance?

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Re: prob Java in using Call %sgdesign;

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I have the same problem with Tarvel. My SAS version is SAS 9.2 TS Level 1M0 running on Windows 7 32bits. When I try to run %sgdesin; the log said

"Unable to call the macro".

Also I can run the sgplot program you mentioned.

Hope for your reply!



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Re: prob Java in using Call %sgdesign;

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Designer was released production with SAS 9.2 TS2M3.  You should still be able to run the pre-production version with SAS 9.2 TS2M0, but not TS1.  Also, be sure you spell the macro name correctly, it is %sgdesign;

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