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Dear All,

I need your suggestion, why the following code for markers does not work in the rtf output? Is there anything missing?    SAS 9.2


ods graphics on/noborder;

ods rtf style=markstyle  file='C:\xx...\..x\plot.rtf';

%modstyle(name=markers, parent=listing, type=CLM,
          markers=circle triangle square diamond); 
ods listing style=markers;

proc sgplot data=data2;

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Re: %modstyle

Other than incomplete proc sgplot code and no ODS RTF Close?

Are you getting any warnings or errors in the log when submitting the code?

Since MODSTYLE does not appear to be a SAS supplied macro, at least in my install of SAS 9.2.3, you should probably supply the source for that as well since that could be part of the problem.

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Re: %modstyle

%modstyle is an autocall macro that has been around since SAS 9.22: SAS/STAT(R) 9.22 User's Guide

See also Quick and easy with MODSTYLE - Graphically Speaking

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Re: %modstyle

You've also set the LISTING style for markers not RTF.

ods rtf style=markers;

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