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graph and summary on same page in pdf SAS 9.2

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graph and summary on same page in pdf SAS 9.2

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Dear SAS experts,


I am creating PDF report where I need to make four graphs and two summary reports on single page . I used


as reference to keep graphs on same page and that works .


Problem : I am not able to put graphs ( gplot and gchart) and summary( proc report) together on same page . Summary should be  placed in bottom of the pdf report.


My summary report contains just one column and one row . so if you want a sample , you can use sashelp.class with just mean(age).


What I tried : tried to create a summary report as graph , so that I could use that in image in proc greplay to place it along with four graphs , but I could not succeed in creating png file from summary report.





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Re: graph and summary on same page in pdf SAS 9.2

I recommend changing the Gplot and Gchart to SGPLOT as that is where the support is going in SAS.


You will also want to make sure that the startpage is set to "never" before the graph so that the following summary tables have a chance to be on the same page. Then change the startpage back after the summary to get the following output on a different page.


It is also possible that the SIZE of the graph(s) and the summary are exceeding page sizes. The options would be to reduce the size of the graphs and/or the size of the summary in terms of page size. Either Goptions, ods graphics options and Ods style options for the table(s).



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Re: graph and summary on same page in pdf SAS 9.2

Hi: that Tech support note was in regard to SGPLOT specifically, not to GPLOT and GCHART. I believe that you would use a different technique for the SAS/GRAPH procedures with PROC REPORT. You don't show any code. Are you using STARTPAGE=NEVER with ODS PDF and also using GOPTIONS to control the placement of the graph images. ODS LAYOUT was still experimental in SAS 9.2, but I believe some functionality was there to do what you describe.

My recommendation would be to open a track with Tech Support. Since you are NOT using SGPLOT, you will need to find the technique that is appropriate for GCHART and GPLOT with PDF.

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