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goptions for PROC GMAP

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goptions for PROC GMAP

Are there any output options for PROC GMAP that don't produce two separate files in the output destination?  I have tried using goptions=png and goptions=gif, but both of them produce two files for each map, a .htm file and a .png file.  I am running a loop that creates hundred of maps using gmaps, which I want to output and then use the image files to create a animated GIF, so I would like to avoid duplication of the files if possible.

Also, is there a way to control the names of the output?  I.e. changing them from gmap1, gmap2 etc. to something more descriptive?


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Re: goptions for PROC GMAP

You can control the name of the .png file by using the name= option after the /

For example...

choro sales / levels=5 name="foo";

It is often handy to use a macro variable's value for the name, or If you're using 'by' processing you can use the by-value.

If you're using ods html, I think it's going to create an html file.  Probably easiest to just delete them, or always use the same html file name (so it is overwritten each time).

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Re: goptions for PROC GMAP

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Is there another ODS besides HTML that I could use to produce pictures from PROC GMAP? 

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Re: goptions for PROC GMAP

It's been awhile since I used this method but there's a graphics option GSFNAME. No ods destination needed.

You would need some thing like this with a different name in each file ref before the gmap call, pick a device that generates the desired output type, GIF, PNG whatever, and have the extention match. Up to you to put your name in the filename. If you have a data set with the names and parameters Call Execute might be the best way to control the process.

filename fileref 'filename.XXX';

goptions device=devicename gsfname=fileref

  gsfmode=replace; /* replace in case you rerun the code you don't want the graphs appending*/

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