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generate graph at Mainframe SAS

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generate graph at Mainframe SAS

Hello everyone,


I am use mainframe SAS . but I don't know how to generate graph at mainframe. here is error:


ERROR: Unable to load the Java Virtual Machine.


(Here is my situation:

I have SAS 9.4 in mainframe,but 9.3 in PC,this graph is only available in 9.4,so I draw it in mainframe and hope I can export it to PC)

*--code in Mainframe SAS 9.4;
data new; input Type $1 Value; datalines; A 10 B 15 C 12 D 17 E 205 F 225 ; run; proc sgplot data=new; vbar type / response=value; yaxis ranges=(0-20 200-230);/*ranges option available in 9.4 only*/ run;

Please advise.



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Re: generate graph at Mainframe SAS

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Haven't installed SAS on mainframe myself, but I remember reading that a manual installation of a JDK (or JRE) is necessary.
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