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default chart rendering options

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default chart rendering options

I am switching from activex output to png for graphs to reduce the size of output files for a SAS EG generated proc gplot.  I notice that the formatting has changed significantly with the conversion and would like to understand what I settings I should change to get the chart to look like it did in activex (e.g. size of markers, quantity of axis labels, etc…).  Does anyone know what settings could be changed, or know of a resource that explains the differences in the default rendering for the various chart output formats?

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Re: default chart rendering options

I don't really know of an easy way to make the device=png output look like the device=activex.

You can control many visual qualities of the graphs using the ods styles (such as htmlblue, sasweb, etc).

But things like the "quantity of axis labels" can only be controlled via the axis statement, and size of plot markers can only be controlled via the symbol statement.

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