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customize 'tool tips' in html output

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customize 'tool tips' in html output

Does anyone know if there is a way to customize what data is displayed in the bubble when you mouse-over a point on a plot in html output? I figured out how to add these "tool tips" using the imagefmt = staticmap option, but it's not that useful for me to be given the Observation Number. Is there a way to customize what information they tell you about a data point to make it something more meaningful like StudentID or ZipCode (depending on observation level of the data)?

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Re: customize 'tool tips' in html output

Which proc are you using, which output device are you using (gif, activex, etc), and which version of SAS are you using?
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Re: customize 'tool tips' in html output

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oh yea, sorry, those are probably important pieces of information. (this is my first time ever posting!)

I am using SAS 9.1
I am running proc reg and outputting a plot of actual v predicted

here is the code:

ods html file = 'plot.htm';
ods graphics on / imagefmt = staticmap;
ods select ActualByPredicted;

proc reg plots(unpack);
model p_latepnc = tprates p_lowbw p_nonwhite p_hsgrad p_labor_force p_fam_poverty c_: urban1 urban2;

ods graphics off;
ods html close;
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