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control procedure output area in graphs

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control procedure output area in graphs

I want to decrease the procedure output area in graphs, so that i can get more area for the footnote,legend below the x axis. Changing the HSIZE and VSIZE is changing the entire graphic output area, however i wish to control the procedure output area alone.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Re: control procedure output area in graphs

If you're using traditional SAS/Graph procedures (such as gplot, gchart, gmap), and using gtitles & gfootnotes (titles & footnotes as part of the graph - which excludes devices such as java & activex), then you can add space after/below the footnote by using the ls= (line spacing) option, such as:

footnote1 ls=3.0 "Footnote with more spacing";

If you want to add space before the footnote, then you can add a blank footnote statement, with a large height (you can specify it in percent, or points, or whatever is convenient), such as:

footnote1 height=10pct " ";

footnote2 "there is a lot of space before this footnote";

Once you've created the desired blank space, you can use the offset= option in the legend statement to move the legend into that space.

Here's a quick/simple example:

legend1 mode=share position=(bottom left) offset=(20,-5) cborder=black;

footnote1 height=10pct " ";
footnote2 height=2.5pct ls=2.5 "here is my footnote";

proc gplot data=sashelp.class;
plot height*weight=sex / legend=legend1;


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Re: control procedure output area in graphs


ods graphics / reset=all height=13cm width=22cm;

Adjusting the height and width should adjust the graphic, so if your titles/footnotes are outside that then they can be bigger.

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Re: control procedure output area in graphs

ODS Graphics setting do not apply to the SAS/GRAPH procedures like GCHART or GPLOT.

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