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conditional formatting

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conditional formatting

I have two columns in SAS (Current ranking, previous ranking). IF the difference (Previous-current) ex: 5 (P) -1 (C) =4 between the two columns in postive, then an arrow mark  (Green) poing upwards show and then if it is negative, red color arrow downards, if the difference is zero then yellow arrow (pointing 180 degrees). could you please provide a code or any source I can exactly look into.

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Re: conditional formatting

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1) On this forum please only post a question in one place. If it should be in another section someone will usually provide some hints and which section to post in.

Are you writing a report? Which procedure have you attempted to use?

Can you provide a screen capture of what you want this to look like as this request may be interpreted in several ways.

Also, what is the destination? Data set (not going to happen), html, rtf, pdf, Excel?

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Re: conditional formatting


  The posting was answer (with code) here To reinforce what Ballardw recommended -- it is not a good idea to post this in 2 places. Because your report uses images (like arrows) in a tabular report, the correct place to post this question was the ODS and Reporting forum. And an answer has been posted there.


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