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actximg: no graph visible

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actximg: no graph visible

I create a vbar with proc gchart.

When I use OPTIONS DEV=activex; the output is ok, the graph is shown. (file= _webout)

But when I use OPTIONS DEV=actximg; I don't get any graph in my output. The only thing I see is a white square with a little red cross and there is written 'bar chart of class'.

How come and how to solve this?


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actximg: no graph visible

How are you running your graph?  (Stored Process, DMS, EG, SAS/Intrnet, batch SAS, etc, etc)

For example, if you are using Stored Processes, and your server is running on a Unix machine, then it might be able to produce dev=activex output (because it doesn't actually have to "render/draw" the graph) and then maybe you're viewing the graph on a Windows machine (where it gets rendered).  But if you try to use device=actximg then it will be trying to render/draw the graph on the Unix server, which is not possible.

Also, device=activex only produces 1 file (and html file), whereas device=actximg produces both an html file and a png file ... therefore you have to make sure you've got things set up so you're viewing the html file, and it is referenceing the png file correctly via a path it can get to (such as a relative path).  There are lots of factors here - maybe a better question for Tech Support.

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actximg: no graph visible

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I am running the graph as a Stored Process.

It is running on a Windows machine.

When I use 'activex', it is working fine. But I would like to use 'actximg' to prevent the users to have to install the 'activex plug-in'.

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