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Which type of chart/graph is appropriate?

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Which type of chart/graph is appropriate?


There are 200 individual participating an evaluation project. Each individual will be evaluated for 3 categories. For each category, after evaluation, a participant will be assigned an integer score ranging from lowest 1 to highest 10. Each category will be assigned a passing score.

For example, after evaluation,

Category 1(C1): passing score: 8, 120 participants above 8
Category 2(C2): passing score: 5, 180 participants above 5
Category 3(C3): passing score: 6, 100 participants above 6

Participant 1: C1 score: 10, C2 score: 4, C3 score: 7
Participant 2: C1 score: 7, C2 score: 2, C3 score: 9
and so on

I want to design a chart/graph to hand out to each participant to show them how they perform relative to all population for each category. Any suggestions for which type of chart/graph can convey this message easily?
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Re: Which type of chart/graph is appropriate?

Isn't this type of data typically presented as percentile data?
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