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Visual attributes of PANELBY variable PROC SGPANEL

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Visual attributes of PANELBY variable PROC SGPANEL

I want to control the visual attributes of the values of the PANELBY variable.  The values displayed in little boxes.

The only way I have been able to do that is to modify the style template.

'GraphValueFont' = ("<sans-serif>, <MTsans-serif>",7pt) to change the font size.

Most everthing else can be specified in the PROC with some kind of nounATTRS option.

Also is there a way to get SAS to tell me which style attribute is associated with each "graphic element".  Not sure if "graphic element" is the right word, but for example the PANELBY variable values.  Is there a way to query which style element is associated.

SGPANEL does not have an option to output the template.  Is that because it doesn't make a template?

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